We move everything heavy

We are your strong partner for heavy and complex transport needs.


We move everything heavy

Für große und komplexe Transportvorhaben stehen wir als starker Partner bereit.


Heavy Duty Logistics

The transport of heavy duty cargo requires a comprehensive service which we can offer through our extensive experience in this area.

We consider us as a full service partner who offers the planning, the transport itself and the positioning at the final destination.

We are a dependable and reliable partner throughout the whole process.

Why work with us:

  • Extensive service range

  • Years of experience

  • Individual point of contact

  • Same level partnerships

  • Customizable services

  • Dynamic, agile and proactive processes

How can we help?

We have the right solution and the competent employees of Zöbelein Schuler from Adelsdorf are happy to advise you. Benefit from our experience!